Colorful Shoes for Women: fail-safe Choices to buy now and enjoy all Season

The Power of Statement Shoes: Stand Out with Style

In fashion, just as in our everyday lives, we as women have a natural desire to stand out in the crowd, to make a statement, and to express our personal style, from dawn to dusk. And how can we do that? With the right shoes. A good pair of versatile, yet eye-catching shoes that can make us feel both stylish and comfortable.

As the new season calls for wardrobe changes, BAGATT aims to elevate the original, humble silhouettes to the next level, with a touch of color. It does not matter if you choose bold shades or more muted ones such as pastels, women's colorful sneakers serve as a proclamation of style, a fashionable way to introduce an unexpected twist that sets you apart from the ordinary.

Mastering the Art of Styling Colorful Shoes

A daring footwear choice can sometimes be a challenge, as vivid hues may at times be tricky when it comes to pairing them with clothing. That’s why BAGATT has prepared a few insights to help you effortlessly style your BAGATT shoes with various fail-safe ensembles.

First things first – it may seem obvious, but the classic fusion of colorful shoes with black is a timeless choice. This approach is particularly ideal for women who prefer to avoid a head-to-toe colorful look that could potentially be overwhelming. Instead of opting for bright shades, embrace the secure choice – black. It adds a subtle statement, whether you’re pairing vibrant footwear with a black midi skirt and top, tailored trousers or a black maxi dress that exudes elegance.

Seamlessly blend bright-colored shoes with a neutral outfit and create a harmonious look that is both striking and defined by the shoes you wear. Just like the timeless favorite, black, a muted color palette that includes beige, taupe, ivory and nude provides a versatile base for bold shoes, allowing them to take center stage.

These two approaches are best suited for women who want to play it safe, but what about those more inclined to take bold fashion risks, who want to play with fire? Replacing darker shades with striking hues is the best way to refresh an attire and make your presence felt, especially when your shoes enhance an elegant or casual look.

Chic Staples for everyday Looks

We can all agree that sneakers will always be your best allies, regardless of the season. In this case, why not spice it up? Meet the Sophie platform sneakers from BAGATT, striking the perfect balance between style and comfort, destined to become your new go-to pair for strolling through the city, whether it’s from lunch back to office or a casual walk on the weekend. The light blue and white palette of these platform sneaker blends seamlessly with casual attire while maintaining a contemporary aesthetic. Their high level of versatility is complemented with metallic-blue accents ensuring the Sophies stay modern enough to transcend seasons. Plus, their chunky yet lightweighted outsoles offer a pleasurable wearing experience.

When you're aiming to make a bold style choice, let your feet add a subtle statement to any attire with the radiance of yellow footwear. We know that combining colorful sneakers with pieces from your wardrobe can be challenging, but the innovative design of the Lecce yellow sneakers is well worth a try.

Lecce Sneaker yellow

The thoughtful blend of textile and leather, finished off with decorative stitches and metallic logo accessories is likely to stand out as an eye-catching piece when paired with everyday outfits. Accompanying you in every step, these light-yellow sneakers are set atop a contrasting EVA sole, delivering cloud-nine comfort levels.

As a pair of boots that can be worn every season is a worthy addition to any wardrobe, BAGATT’s green Daiquiri's are up for this challenge. These boots impress with their modern design, requiring minimal styling effort. Whether you're stepping out in the warmth of summer or embracing the coziness of colder months, these women’s green lace-up boots encourage you to express your authenticity with every stride. Their cool silhouette is finished off with uppers adorned with fishing net material for a hint of individuality and they sit on top of white chunky soles that elegantly contrast the deep green hue.

Stylish and comfortable with BAGATT’s Ballerinas

Rosalie Ballerinas Orange

Looking for a style that will take you from work to dinner? Look no further than BAGATT’s Rosalie orange ballerinas, a vibrant footwear choice crafted to catch your gaze and everybody else’s, as a modern alternative to high heels. Their delicate silhouette made from high-quality suede leather promotes an elegant appearance, enhanced with a golden-metallic adornment. The color of these elegant women’s ballerinas speaks for itself when matched with tailored trousers or laid-back pieces such as jeans, reminding you of mesmerizing summer sunsets.

Adding a splash of color to an outfit can be tricky sometimes. That is why, when you want to play safe with your casual and semi-formal attire, you can opt for women's leather lace-up shoes like Enna that come in an earthy tone of dark green. This particular shade is great for adding a touch of color that's both subtle and sophisticated, without feeling over-whelmed by bright shades. They are a versatile addition to your wardrobe that effortlessly spic-es up your daily routine, thanks to the simple design and practical construction, featuring high-quality leather and outstanding comfort.

The Office wear Edition: a pop of Color to your smart Attire

Mean Girls said that “On Wednesdays we wear pink”, but BAGATT says why not wear pink every-day, even to work? It is general knowledge that when it comes to office attire, the key to navigating even the most stressful days with ease is a comfortable pair of shoes.

Varese Pink Pumps

BAGATT's collection has fancy shoes for women, such as the Varese pumps , that are designed to do just that. They keep the structure of the office wear classic: the thoughtfully crafted heel, the sharp pointed toe, but add a little something special – a playful, bubblegum shade of pink, that will bring joy to every season.

Also designed to meet the demands of your lifestyle, are these Robin slip-ons in a captivating shade of Bordeaux, that looks polished enough to reflect the rich quality of the color for the transitional period ahead. The beauty of these women's slip-on shoes lies in their versatility, as the chic appearance provided by their metallic accents is great for dressing up or down. From a hectic day at the office to afterhours activities, these shoes adapt seamlessly, while the thick profiled outsole guarantees enduring comfort for the entire day.

Special Shoes for special Moments: dressing up elegant heeled Shoes

Every woman’s shoe closet should include a pair of chic comfortable pumps, therefore, BAGATT is here to offer you exactly that, but with a colorful twist that attracts attention. Inspired by the Italian “la dolce vita”, the Varenna elegant pink Pumps are designed to make you stand out in any crowd. Their delicate embellished buckle detail adds a touch of romance and sophistication, perfect for your special celebrations. Their radiant pink silhouette with a pointed toe and stiletto heel is designed to look extra-feminine when matched with a cocktail attire such as your favorite little black dress, keeping the focus on the shoe, or long evening gowns, depending on the occasion.

We all have to admit – a pair of sparkly and elegant sandals with heels exudes confidence with every step you take and are always a good option for going out or attending a party.

Jam Green Sandals

Crafted with Italian style and care, these green sandals with heels provide a touch of freshness to your ensemble, while remaining comfortable thanks to a well-designed heel that offers stability with every stride.

The intertwining of the vibrant color and delicate metallic detailing creates a glamorous fusion, giving you the versatility to make a striking statement.


Every Season’s favorite: the Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are always up to the challenge of protecting your feet, regardless the weather. So, take a step towards style and comfort with the Forli high Chelsea boots from BAGATT. The sleek construction of the original Chelsea is enhanced by combat heels and a hand-finish effect, creating a cool and contemporary vibe. In a warm, autumnal shade of red, these boots strike a balance between everyday wear and subtle statement-making, ensuring you won't go unnoticed when you step out this fall.

Practicality, comfort, and versatility meet to create the ideal wardrobe staple – Fiona Chelsea Boots. Crafted with high-quality nubuck leather, these olive-green women’s boots have a minimalist design and a deep shade, that easily catches the eye and can be matched with almost every casual attire for a trendy appearance. When considering the functionality of these boots, they excel with an elastic construction, a distinctive feature of Chelseas, and high-tech insoles for optimal shock absorption, much needed during every step you take.

These extraordinary shoes represent the perfect companions that encapsulate both elegance and comfort, with a touch of boldness that is guaranteed to make you feel love at first wear. It’s undeniable that every pair from BAGATT is a statement shoe. Despite the ever-changing fashion landscape and shifting trends, BAGATT shoes remain versatile and suited for both current and future fashion trends.

In the end, it’s important to remember that, in order to make an impact, you don’t always have to go for the safest option. You can have fun and experiment when combining colorful shoes. Enjoy BAGATT's summer sale and dive deep into our new collection, letting modern quality and eye-catching designs improve both your life and outfit with a touch of color.


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