Shipping & Delivery

Which countries do we deliver to?

  • Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia

Which shipping and delivery options are available?

  • All our orders are shipped with standard delivery.
    • Within the EU and Switzerland, the standard delivery is shipped by DHL GoGreen.

When will I receive my order?

  • Unless a different shipping time is specified on the respective product page, all German Orders will be shipped and delivered within 3-5 buisness days. Outside of Germany the delivery time is 5-7 buisness days.
    • Please be aware that deliveries are not possible on Sundays or Holidays.

What will the delivery cost me?

In Germany, the cost of standard delivery is €4.99, and shipping is free from a shopping cart value of €59.95.

    • Our delivery costs are as followed:
        Germany 0 €/4,99 €
        Belgium 5,99€
        Denmark 55 DKK
        Finland 7,99€
        France 6,99€
        Italy 6,99€
        Luxembourg 5,99€
        The Netherlands
        Sweden 90 SEK
        Switzerland 8,99€ & duty-free
        Slovakia 4,99€
        Slovenia 4,99€

    Shipping costs will not be refunded, as the service of the shipment has actually been provided.

    I entered a wrong address. What now?

    • In this case, please send us an e-mail to service@tt.bagatt.com with your order number, your name, and your correct address. We will then try to change the address of your order. If the packing and shipping process is too far advanced, we will not able to change your address anymore.



    Our payment options

    • We offer the following payment options:
      • Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express), SOFORT Banking, Klarna, and Paypal. Please be aware that not every payment option is accessible to every country. You will find more information at Check Out.

      Where is my Invoice?

      • Once you submitted your order, you will receive your invoice via E-mail address that was provided by you.

      Can I change my Invoice?

      • After submitting your order, you will not be able to change your invoice.

      Why did I receive a payment reminder?

      • In case you have already payed your order, and/or returned it, and you still received a payment reminder, then please contact us with your order number, name, and the trackingnumber of your return. We will gladly help you out.
        • Please be aware that the processing of your return, as well as the refund, can take up to 5 buisness days. Your invoice will be updated afterwards.


      Discount Codes

      How do I use my discount code?

      • You can apply your discount code at checkout, after you entered your personal information. Once you applied your code, the discount will be substracted from your order automatically, and you can then proceed to your shipping and payment options.
      • Please be aware of the usage of upper- and lowercase letters, as well that there should be no space added to the code!

      Where is my newsletter discount code for new customers?

      • After signing up to our newsletter, you will recieve an e-mail to confirm your details. After this confirmation, you will be redirected to your 15% newsletter code.

      What should I do if the discount code does not work?

      • Make sure that you have entered your e-mail address at check out, and that the discount code has not been used before. Should you still have issues, then please contact us over our contact form or via e-mail.



      Where is my order?

      • Once you received an order confirmation via e-mail, you will also receive a shipping confirmation with a trackingnumber of your order once your products are packed and ready to deliver. With the help of this tracking number you will be able to view the status and more information of the delivery of your order online through DHL.de.  Please contact us, should you have not received an order confirmation or a shipping confirmation at all.

      I did not receive my orderconfirmation.

      • If you completed your payment method successfully and did not receive an order confirmation, then please contact us via our e-mail address. A typing error can happen while ordering our products, and we are always happy to check your information for you.

      Can I cancel my order?

      • A cancellation of your order is only possible in certain cases. Please contact us with your order number, your name, and the reason you want to cancel your order. Be aware that if the shipping process is too far along, we will not be able to cancel your order any more.

      What can I do if I can’t cancel my order?

      • If the shipping process is already too far along, then you have always the option to decline the acceptance of your package. You can do this online with the help of your tracking number (with DHL) and your order will then be automatically returned to our warehouse. It will then be processed again and you will receive your refund.

      My order is being returned. Why?

      • Sadly we do not have any control over the deliveries from out delivery partners. There is always the possibility that DHL  was not able to find your address, due to missing information from the shipping label. Your order will be returned automatically to our warehouse again and processed. Since this will automatically create a refund for your order, we will not be able to re-pack your order again.

      What should I do for a smooth processing and delivery of my order?

      • Make sure to enter your address correclty when you are finalizing your purchase. Your street name and your streetnumber should always be entered in the same space together, so that these important informations can be printed on the shipping label.
      • If you decide to use on of the Packstations as your delivery option, please makes sure to add your Postnumber (Packstation + Postnumber) in the same space for your address. Your package will not be delivered if the postnumber is missing, as it is essential for these Packstations.


      Return & Reclamation

      When can I return my order?

      • Every customer has the right to return their purchase within the 30 Days return policy. The criteria applies, that the product must be unused.

      How can I return my order?

      • For a free return of your order, you can either scan the QR- Code, which was placed in your package, or go on our website and select our return portal under Help& Contact.

      Do I need a Customer Account for a return?

      • No, a customer account is not necessary for downloading your return documents. All you need if your order number, and the e-mail address you provided at purchase. Enter both in the return portal to start the download of your return documents.

      What is the cost of a return?

      • The return of your order is free of charge.

      Can you exchange my shoes?

      • A direct exchange is sadly not possible. Please create a new order and return your unworn shoes as a normal return.

        Has my returned order arrived yet?

        • As soon as our warehouse processes your return, you will automatically receive a notification with your refund. The delivery status of your returned order can be viewed online, with the help of the tracking number from your Returnlabel, over DHL.

        When will I receive my money back?

        • The refund period of 14 days exists and will be adhered
        • You will receive an automated refund after your return is processed by our warehouse. Please be aware that not every return will be processed on the same day, and that the refund can take 3-5 buisness days until it is back on your bank account. Refunds will be made using the same payment method as when the order was placed.

        My purchased order has a defect.

        • If you notice any defects in your shoes, please send us an e-mail with your order number, your name and the following photos:
           - Both shoes photographed from above
           - Both shoes photographed from below (soles)
          -  Photo of the defect(s)
        • We will then check your details and get back to you as soon as possible with a solution to your problem.
        • Please note in general that signs of wear are not a reason for complaint and therefore cannot be taken back.
        • Items that show signs of use, such as: dirt, stains, creases, scratches, are returned at the risk of the sender and are not subject to an automatic return process.

        I bought my shoes from another store and they now have a defect.

        • We are very sorry to hear that your product has a defect. However, we are not able to process returns or reclamations from other stores. Please contact the distributer where you bought your shoes from for further assistance. We are not able to process any products which were not bought from our website.

        How long does it take for my return to be processed?

        • Returns are processed within 14 working days

        How will I receive my money back?

        • Refunds will be made using the same payment method as when the order was placed.


        My customer account

        How can I create my customer account?

        • You can create a customer account during the process of placing your order, or you can click on the widget for customer accounts in the upper right corner of our website.

        How can I delete my customer account?

        • Please contact us with your full name and e-mail address that you used for your customer account. Once we have these information from you, we will be able to deaktivate and delete your account.

        How can I change my password?

        • If you want to change your password, you have to click on “forgot your password” underneath the login portal of the customer accounts. You will then have the option to change your password with the help of your e-mail address.



        How can I sign up for the newsletter?

        • You can subscribe for our newsletter while placing your order, or sign up for it through the “Subscribe to our newsletter” option in the top right corner of our website window. After filling in your information over the newsletter portal, you will be asked to confirm your e-mail address afterwards.

        How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

        • If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletter, you can contact us with your name, and the e-mail address you used to sign up. We will then remove you from our newsletter mailing list.

        Do we have retail shops?

        • We don't have any shoe stores for our own products. We are an online retailer who sells their shoes exclusively via the Internet.

        I bought my shoes from another store and they now have a defect.

        • We are very sorry to hear that your product has a defect. However, we are not able to process returns or reclamations from other stores. Please contact the distributer where you bought your shoes from for further assistance. We are not able to process any products which were not bought from our website.